Monday, 25 July 2011

Interview with the riff from Smells Like Teen Spirit

A few years ago I had the pleasure of conducting a very short interview with the legendary riff from Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. It has until now been lost in the depths of my computer - only a hazy memory of the encounter remaining in my mind - but is now revealed in all its glory. It was an honour to do, it being one of the riffs which changed my life. Here's what happened:

Describe a bit about yourself for us.

Well I was born around 1991 in the US. I'm about 24 seconds long but I come back for all the choruses, the solo and the outro, and I vary between quiet and loud.

You’re extremely famous, how does that feel?

Well it’s good y’know. What can I say? I enjoy all the recognition and money, but the trappings of fame can be a little tiresome sometimes.

What kind of trappings?

Well I end up in a lot of bad clubs and karaokes. Awful places. The worst was the time they played me in Jumpin’ Jacks in Dagenham, Essex. Horrible. All these brain-dead troglodytes shouting along. Urgh.

What do you do with yourself these days?

Well besides the clubs, I tend to end up being played by a lot of amateur teenage bands. I’m also a favourite for boys between 12 and 15 to be played in guitar shops. Otherwise I circulate on late night MTV compilation shows and nostalgic radio programmes. Mostly I kick back, relax and enjoy my popularity though.

What do you think about the Heart Shaped Box riff?

He’s a bastard. Long story.

What was your relationship with Nirvana like?

At first it was great. We went everywhere and did everything together. Then it started getting difficult and we argued a lot. Finally they just stopped playing me...then Kurt died and that was that I suppose.

Some people say you were stolen from Boston’s song ‘More Than A Feeling’, is this true?

I can’t say that I don’t know the 'More Than A Feeling' riff but we were never very close, he’s a lot older than me and likes totally different music, so I guess the answer is no.

Thanks for your time.

It was a pleasure, Liam.


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