Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Loscil: Interview with Scott Morgan

The sound of rain is evocative of tranquility, cleansing, and nourishment; but the reality of it is often sodden, gloomy, and cold. This duality is perhaps one of the reasons why Vancouver based ambient artist Loscil's latest album 'Endless Falls' is so intriguing to me; it explores the sounds and emotions of a rainy Sunday afternoon from behind a window spangled with trickling, jerking droplets. This somber focus is interesting for two reasons. The first is because it adds to the idea that much electronic music is about the expression of the conflict between man and nature, which I largely addressed in a previous post. The second is because it also touches on the concept of synaesthesia (which ambient/electronic music seems best able to show) where sounds and pictures; hearing and sight, can abstract and merge into one.

I did a short interview with the man behind Loscil, Scott Morgan, for the SoundShock webzine a while ago, which you can find here. It's not incredibly detailed, but explores some of the main concepts surrounding his music in a general way. You can also read my review of the album here. For the record, I think 6/10 is very harsh, and would give it a 7 if asked to re-review it.


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